randhir-rathod-familyIn celebration of my Silver Jubilee as the Club mem-ber, I have embarked upon this leg of my jour-ney in service to mankind as the first President of the Club in Numero Uno Year of District 3142.

Every new beginning brings with it, its own set of challenges and joys and so is true with our Club. Being dislodged from being a part of Mumbai, there shall be dearth of financial inflow and so at the outset I appeal for sponsorships to TRF in recognition of and to uphold the high regard and reputation that the Club maintains. I am thankful to the generous donors for having such faith in my zeal to make a difference to the underprivileged strata of society. We have been a lead Club in WASRAG-I, worth 1.39 crore, and so we expect WASRAG II to also reap the same benefits for the tribal and needy. Last many years our thrust area has been water due to what, we are always known as Jaldoot. Our big project of drinking water at Savarpada, Mokhada, is inaugurated in August 2016 at the hands of DG Chandrashekhar Kolvekar. We can also make a significant difference by participating in the District Project of adopting railway stations and I shall appreciate mem-bers coming up with novel ways to do so.

This year Membership growth is our prime focus area & for this we have taken many steps like decrease in the membership fees to attract more people in order to take the club to the next rung of a 50+ level. Involvement of new Rotarians in RCTN stream is our objective. At the same time, North Star Rotary Trust also is taken care of by taking support from CSR partners and our own Rotarian Donors. As I strive to accomplish as much as I can in my service to mankind I would beseech one and all to surface as leaders, and uncover your latent talents and steer our Club to scale greater heights!

Yours in Rotary
Rtn Randhir Rathod
President 2016-17

We Meet Every Monday at 7.00 PM at
Hotel Satkar Residency, Thane (West)

NORTHSTAR – Club Bulletin

A part of RI District 3142, Thane, India. In over 39 years of its service to the community, our club has so far achieved a number of landmarks.
  • EREY Club
  • 2 Rotary Club Sponsored
  • 5 Interact Clubs Sponsore
  • 2 Rotaract Clubs Sponsored
  • Known as Jaldoot for its water related work in Remote areas of Jawhar